SAINI CREATIONS - the beginning

Saini Creations was formed by 4 professionals of Surat  who were basically from Diamond polishing and merchant trading background, and they then wanted to do something innovative which led to them entering the textile business in Surat which is historically a textile hub for Polyester Saree based products. Printing of Sarees and polyesters was a household activity and you can find numerous suppliers, but Saini Creations offers a very innovative out of the box foil printing  and today holds a very good name in Surat for printing very niche designs with excellent fastness and post dye able durability effect. Today within 6 years of span they have added  numbers of  machines and do approximately 1 million meters of foil printing for very selective clients who are supplying to leading brands in India and in export market.

Thought behind Greenfinch:

Greenfinch Textile Pvt Ltd: Owing to success in the innovation made in  Digital foil printing , within a short span of time, these innovative professionals always were on the look  out for new unique  products which are like an “FMCG and which can create a brand of  its own” thus came the idea of bringing to the market the product of “cotton based odour adsorber” a Unique product which can be used by every  individual.